November 7, 2017


Reading/Language Arts: We are reading about Old Mother Hubbard and Her Hungry Family. This is an adaptation of the Nursery Rhyme you know. Ask your first grader to tell you what happens in the story. It is written as a play. We will perform it for another class at the end of the week.  This week is the end of Unit 2.  Look for a packet to come home Monday to see what we have been working on.

Refrigerator List- Another week of blends! The kid are doing well with these and are able to pick them out in texts they are reading. (craft, gift, yelp, help, lamp and melt)


Math: We are using Frames and Arrows Diagrams to work with number patterns. There is an explanation with the homework. We will introduce the dime this week and count coin combinations of penny, nickel and dime.  Thanks for helping them remember their name on their papers!


Content: Thank a Veteran this week! We will write letters to soldiers this week and send them to Sgt. Sondrol and his friends in Arizona. We still need more graphing sheets returned for our math project on Thursday. Thanks to those who have sent them back! We are also talking about place people live.


Conferences:  I am looking forward to visiting with you about your first grader next week. If possible, please do not bring your first grader to the conference. If they need to come, I will have them work on a computer away from where we talk. They will be a big part of the spring conference. I will try to send the progress reports home the night before your conference so you have a chance to look it over before we meet.


Stuff-a-Truck: Our box is pretty empty. Thank you for considering making a donation!


Art Projects: The art room is sending home a piece created by your first grader. If you love it and want to just keep it at home, please do.~If you would like to see it on a mug or mousepad or other item, there is a brochure and order form in the bag with the art. Any questions you have should be directed to Mrs. Wingen. Her contact information is on the page.

Timberwolves Reading Program: If you want to keep track of reading minutes and return the Timberwolves sheet to school in December, your child will get some freebies from the team including a ticket to a game. This is completely optional.


Upcoming Events:

Two-Hour Late: November 14

Conferences: Nov. 14 and Nov. 16

*Please come to the conference without your first grader if possible.

No School: Nov. 21-24, classes resume Nov. 27--Happy Thanksgiving!

Two-Hour Late: December 12

Holiday Concert: December 19- 9:30 and 1:15 (please choose only one to attend)



Contact: Angie Anderson